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Find Your Purpose & Do What You Love

The Purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it to make some difference that you lived and lived very well. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

One of the most important things along your life journey is the discovery of PURPOSE. So what exactly does that mean? it means doing what you love to do. You typically spend more time at your job than you do with your loved ones, so you better enjoy what you doing. The state of the American Workplace report" states that up to 70% of people are not happy at their work! 50% are not engaged, not inspired, and just kind of present and around and 20% have resigned internally and actively disengaged! I was part of the 50% for years and i hated it!

When you have found your purpose, things will start to fall in place for you! You will start to attract people, opportunities, and resources naturally and incredible things will start to happen.

I remember i was so eager to find my purpose, i would be up countless hours of the night, just dreaming and hoping i would find it soon. Since i was a little girl i loved Makeup & Beauty. I could remember stealing my mom makeup and heels, playing dress up all day. When i got older the passion grew & i became better at doing my makeup. I would get compliments all day, yet when they ask me " Do i do makeup?" my response was always "No". I became seeking God more and find my purpose in Him. My relationship with God opened so many doors for me, including The door to my Pur

pose! I finally realized something i had been searching for so long was always inside of me.

If you feel like you are driving without a roadmap or a GPS and dont really know where to go or you never quite know what you are doing here and why, and you feel kind of lost and empty, then thats a sign that you have not found your purpose.
Take time to examine your values, skills, passions, and ambitions and by taking a look at what you are good at. Here are some questions that should help you!

You are on your way to Purpose!

Answer yourself the following questions:

Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I exist?

What do I really want to do with my life?

When do i feel fully alive?

What were the highlights of my life?

What are my greatest strengths?

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This is such an amazing message that really touched me, not only me but will touch everyone that is trying figure out, HOW do i start? where will I begin? What will I do? This messaged didn't just touched me but also made me heart full, full enough to reassure me to go with my gut. Thanks this was needed. 🥰

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